The Library

La Biblioteca della Casa del Podestà - Fondazione Ugo Da Como
This building was built by the engineer of Brescia Arnaldo Trebeschi (1862-1939) in 1923. The library was expanded on two different levels to better suit the morphology of the hill on which the House is placed.
The façade with its rose window recalls a small Lombard church and its plaster was once completely yellow and decorated with some graffiti showing suns with rays, similar to those on the central part of the other façade of the House which looks on the inner garden. Near the entrance-door were placed two scroll ornaments which reported in Latin: TANTUM CUM LIBRIS CUM ISTIS USQUE LOQUAR (only with books, only with these I'll speak forever). This latin saying, which reminds Cicero and Seneca, was completed by the words which appear in Ugo da Como's ex libris: NE QUID IMMINUAT DAMNOSA DIES (so that the fatal day won't consume everything). The reference is to death and to everything everlasting which is kept in books.