Organization chart

The Board of Directors is currently composed of:
- Prof. Sergio Onger - President as President of the Ateneo of Brescia. Academy of Sciences, Literature and Arts
- H.E. Ambassador Antonio Benedetto Spada - Vice President as President of the Spada Foundation
- Dr. Roberto Tardani as Mayor of the City of Lonato del Garda
- Prof. Antonio Porteri as effective member of the Ateneo of Brescia, Academy of Sciences, Literature and Arts; former Director of the Civic Museums of Art and History of Brescia
- Dr. Stefano Karadjov as Director of Fondazione Brescia Musei
- Dr. Loredana Rocca as President of the Association Friends of the Ugo Da Como Foundation
- Mrs. Barbara Zarnetti Nocivelli
General director:
- Dr. Giovanna Nocivelli
The offices of the Board of Directors, as well as that of the General director, are honorific and do not give rise to remuneration.
- Prof. Silvestro Specchia
Curator of museum collections:
- Stefano Lusardi
Archives and Library Manager:
- Roberta Valbusa
Museum Workers, Educational Activity, Groups and Secretariat:
- Monia Baratti
- Viviana Brunelli
- Valentina Dal Dosso