Ancient Room

The Ancient room is a very special room where the small archaeological part of Ugo Da Como’s collection was originally kept.
The arrangement of this room was closely thought-out: Ugo Da Como intended to recreate here a dining room from the fifteenth century, the reference period for the restoration of the Podestà’s house.
The room is characterized by a series of majolica objects, above all pharmacy jars with a typical apothecary handwrite labeling which served to indicate the medical substance they contained. It is a very particular collection and many of these jars come from the old pharmacy of Lonato.
There was a pharmacy in Lonato dated back to the sixteenth century and Ugo Da Como collected these objects in order to avoid their lost.
The sixteenth century ceiling with the painting boards comes from a palace of Brescia and was readapted for this house during the Tagliaferri restoration.
The pink marble fireplace also comes from the same building as can be suggested from the coat of arms which appears both in the middle of the architrave of the fireplace and in one of the ceiling boards. It is the coat of arms of the Cigola family.
The painting on the wall in front of the fireplace shows St. Jerome in his study. It is  a panel painting from 1536 by the Cremona painter Giovanni Andrea Secchi.