Glisenti Parlour

Known as the Glisenti parlor, because it was here that Maria Glisenti, who married Ugo da Como in 1894, received her guests.
The style of this room is very different from the other rooms; the choice and the arrangement of the furnishings is elegant, there are gilded wooded mirrors, chinaware and miniatures. The sophisticated elegance is confirmed in the particular blue color of the walls.
Remarkable is another series of ceiling boards, slightly curved, from the fifteenth century, and come from Cremona. The Glisenti parlor contains two modern art objects: the late nineteenth century Paesaggio innevato by the Brescia painter Francesco Filippini and the bronze by Vincenzo Gemito, showing the poor fisherman.
Another noteworthy object is the oil painting by the eighteenth century painter from Belluno Marco Ricci which shows an Arcadian landscape with herd and figures; the painting hangs above an etching by Giovanbattista Volpato which is a mirror representation of the same subject. This painting was not directly purchased by Ugo Da Como, it came to Lonato to the house of the Podestà as a legacy from his friend Pompeo Molmenti, the First Undersecretary of State for the Fine Arts, who lived in the neighboring Villa Brunati in Moniga del Garda.