This small room was used by Mr. and Mrs. Da Como for their meals when there had not guests. People who used to come to the house, said that Ugo Da Como loved to sit in this room and  read, wrote and listened the radio. He wrote some of his important studies here. Ugo da Como was in fact not only a lawyer and a politician dedicated to the wellbeing of the nation; he also dedicated his time to study the history of Brescia, above all after his retirement from active public life, around 1920. He was particularly interested in the Napoleonic and Risorgimento period, and was in this room that he completed one of the works that is still famous for "I comizi nazionali di Lione per la Costituzione della Repubblica Italiana" which was commissioned by the Royal Academy Lincei of Rome and published by Zanichelli in 1940.
In the dinette there is also a very particular piece of furniture, a cupboard that preserves the first inventory of the library. The cards which are arranged alphabetically by author, made it possible to identify the exact collocation of the books.
The seventeenth century richly carved dresser was made in Bergamo and the table in the middle is set with some Wedgwood pottery dishes and 1930s blown glass objects.