Guest room

The guest room is particularly important because the eighteenth-century bookcase contains the 404 incunabula of the Library.
Incunabula are the first books printed with movable type from the year of the invention of Gutenberg up to the end of the fifteenth century. The most coveted incunabula by Ugo Da Como were the ones about Brescia or printed in Brescia. They are extremely refined, precious and rare items which clearly show his bibliophilic passion and make the Lonato library particularly important.
This room had also be defined the "baroque room" of the house because of the style of the two main pieces of the furniture: the seventeenth century bed and the large book case. At the sides of the bed are two seventeenth century gold and polychrome torch-holders, part of the furnishings of the church of Sant’Antonio Abate, that is possible to see from the windows of the room, and whose restoration and furniture were made by Mr. e Mrs. Da Como.