Cerutti room

The Cerutti room takes its name from the Lonato bibliophile Jacopo Cerutti. Cerutti lived in the mid nineteenth century and made an important collection of books including manuscripts, incunabula sixteenth century books, and precious editions printed in the nineteenth century. Ugo Da Como purchased this book collection from a descendant of Jacopo Cerutti and from the beginning it was kept in a Louis Philippe style furniture designed by the architect Rodolfo Vantini. After purchasing Jacopo Cerutti’s book collection, Ugo Da Como probably refined his taste for antique and rare books.
On the ceiling a Latin motto reads "LIBRIS SATIARI NEQUEO" meaning “I’m never tire of books”. The Cerutti room contains objects from the museum and the original furniture of this room, but also the modern working tools of the people who today look after the Ugo Da Como foundation and organize its initiatives.
The Library is open for consultation by scholars and the catalog is available online on the Foundation website.