Pewter room

This other dining room is known as the Pewter room because it contains a series of pewter utensils and pots. Pewter is a tin and lead alloy which was greatly appreciated by collectors until the first half of the twentieth century. Pewter objects formed an important sector of the antiques market between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the room has over two hundred pieces, produced not only in Italy but also in other European countries .
The pewter room also has a large fireplace with the Lonato coat of arms. On the right side, there is a spit with a counterweight mechanism which still works. The most important painting is perhaps the “Attentato alla locanda" made by the Brescia painter Gaudenzio Botti in the first half of eighteenth century, and above the dresser with the plate rack, the seventeenth-century painting by Philipp Peter Roos known as Rosa da Tivoli.