Senator's study

The house of the Podestà was lived by Ugo da Como and his wife Maria Glisenti until 1941. Having no direct heirs, Ugo Da Como set up a private foundation with the statutory task of maintaining and making best use of the heritage he donated to the foundation: the fortress, this house and ancients buildings from the old Venetian citadel of Lonato; one of the most important tasks assigned to the Foundation is to stimulate the knowledge and love of studies and history in the younger generations.
This house museum is a fully “house library" which conserve about 50,000 books from the twelfth century up to the mid-twentieth century and is one of the most important private libraries in northern Italy. Almost all the furniture and chests are full of books.
The room of the Senator’s study  is lighted by a large three-light glass window, a clear homage to the Venetian period which Ugo Da Como want to revoke with the restoration of the building. The positioning and adaptation of polychrome wooden ceiling, with its fifteenth and sixteenth century boards, were also a part of the restoration carried out at the beginning of the century by Antonio Tagliaferri.
On the walls of the study you see some of the most important awards given to Ugo Da Como during his intense activity as politician and man of culture.