Senator's bedroom

The  Ugo Da Como’s bedroom is a very simple room with the carved walnut bed from the second half of the nineteenth century. On the chest are displayed the photos of Da Como and his wife Maria Glisenti. On the eighteenth century table are displayed the most important publications of Ugo Da Como. On the inner window there is depicted a Latin motto “RECTE FACTI FECISSE MERCE EST”, which means "the reward of a good action is in having made it" and shows the spirit which guided Ugo Da Como’s all life and works.
The room is not furnished with important antique items, but mainly with photographic portraits of friends and dear ones: next to the headboard of the bed on the left there is the photograph of Giuseppe Zanardelli, on the right Pompeo Molmenti and, above the Madonna, the portrait of Ugo Da Como’s father: Giuseppe. Next to the window overlooking the gardens is hanged a map of the province of Brescia, printed in 1597 by Leone Pallavicino. Below the map, with Ugo da Como’s certificate of graduation, is a letter of thanks from Giuseppe Garibaldi to Ugo Da Como’s father who had written a poem dedicated to the Hero of the Two Worlds.